Nov 122013

1. Poke at it with a stick.
2. Throw velcro-covered Styrofoam balls at it so they’ll stick to its fur.
3. Dangle a steak in front of it and then slap it across the face.
4. Throw a large, double-sided strip of tape at it.
5. Shake a can of diet cola and then open it up toward the lioness.
6. Blow a vuvuzela in its face.
7. Grab its young and throw it playfully up in the air.
8. Give it a tetanus shot.
9. Try to feed it a stuffed animal.
10. Moon it.
11. Catapult a wolverine at it.
12. Show it a Miley Cyrus video.
13. Make faces at it.
14. Deny it credit.

If the lioness is in a cage, you’re only allowed to do #10, #12, #13, & #14

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